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Yellow Pages To Stop Printing

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This month, the Yellow Pages have announced they are to stop printing from January 2019.
After over five decades of printing, Yellow Pages made the decision to embrace the digital world and fully digitilise the business.

Growing environmental concerns, the rise of social media and the popularity of Google have all contributed to a reduction in the demand for printed directories. Instead of the printed Yellow Pages, Yell will offer a free listing to businesses on

The company will be printing 23 million copies of the final editions, which Yell hopes will become a souvenir.

Over 51 years of production, the Yellow Pages have been an integral marketing tool for service providers and tradespeople advertising. But what does this mean for those businesses now the directory is soon to become a thing of the past?

There are plenty more opportunities to advertise your business, particularly across digital platforms, which really make your business stand out and ultimately drive sales.

Here we have compiled a top 10 of alternatives forms of advertising.
1) Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) – Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a form of online marketing in which your advert/s display via a Google Search, and typically right at the top of the search. With PPC you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and you can derive a vast amount of data about your desired audience from this form of highly-targeted advertising.

2) Google Shopping (Formally Google Product Search) – If your business sells products then Google shopping may just for you. With this form of advertising your products will display at the top of a relevant Google search. More than just a text ad, these adverts show a picture of your product, price and even description. However these adverts often require a much larger budget than traditional PPC.

3) Social Media – There are many social platforms and these all provide plenty of opportunity to promote your product or service and engage and build relationships with your customers. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, even Instagram and Pinterest! These are best used to generate brand awareness but in some cases, can also help drive sales. Dependent on your industry, product or service, choose platform/s that are relevant to your customer and that you have the time to manage and update on a regular basis.

4) Social Media Advertising – With the use of social media increasing, this form of advertising allows you to reach your potential customers and you to grow your audience via paid social ads.

5) Email Marketing – Using “Auto Responder” software you can send out email ‘campaigns’ about particular products, services or even blog/new posts. You create a list of senders, created a targeted email to build your brand, credibility and generate sales.

6) YouTube – The second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube offers plenty of opportunity to advertise your business. Create a video, post it online and share across social media to increase traffic to your video.

7) Blog Posts – Not only do blog posts assist in SEO, they also assist in building trust with your audience. In a blog post you can write about your latest product, service or recent project and highlight the best practices about your company. You can then post these on social media to drive traffic to your site.

8) Press Releases – Local directories or newspapers feature press releases on local businesses which can provide a great opportunity to promote your business. It can sometimes be difficult to get featured in local newspapers as it can rely on having connections with reporters etc, which is why a press release may be worth considering.

9) Local Listing – Quite literally getting your business on the map! Google and Bing provide a listing that displays your business on a local map within the search results. The local listing includes, basic information, images and even the functionality for customers to add reviews and best of all its free!

10) Directory Listing - There are a wealth of directories online to advertise your business, typically these are free. As well as raising awareness of your business these directories can improve your search engine rankings.

With all the above advertising options, we advise that in the first instance you create a clear strategy. Take into account your business objectives and which location/demographic you would like to advertise to.

If you would like any more information on your marketing options, we would love to hear from you. Call us on 01159 722 050 or email us on
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