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World Backup Day!

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 Although it may not be the most widely celebrated day, March 31st is World Back up Day, aiming to encourage computer users to back up their data.

Though it may be something that crosses people minds, backing up data is very rarely carried out. Here at getyouonline we backup our websites and emails daily, are yours?

We’re talking about protecting your most precious data and digital documents, the kind of stuff that your business relies on. What would you do if you lost it all?

There are many ways you could lose data; your hard drive could crash, your computer could be stolen or you may even lose data due to a natural disaster like a flood or fire.

Then there is ransomware. This type of malicious software infects your computer, encrypts your files and makes it impossible to get your data back unless you pay a large ransom.

There is no way of telling when any of the above may happen. Do you have adequate back up in place so as not to lose any of your vital information and documents?

Although you may be aware could happen, it is imperative to have an offsite backup of your system in place. When data loss happens having a backup can mean the difference between a minor nuisance and a total catastrophe!

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