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What Are Google Algorithms?

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We recently wrote an article about the update to the latest Google algorithm “Fred”. In this new blog post we wanted to provide more context and explain what Google Algorithms actually are.

Algorithms essentially ‘read’ a webpage and decide what webpages to bring up for your search and in what order.

Google algorithms sort through the hundreds of billions of webpages to give you useful and relevant results instantaneously.

Although Google largely keeps the changes in algorithms closely guarded, there are a few elements that have been shared that have a direct impact on a page’s ability to appear on Google, this includes the following:

  • The appearance of the keyword/s in the web page’s title, header tags, and meta description
  • Popularity of the page i.e the amount of naturally-occurring, organic links to the page
  • If the website is mobile-friendly i.e. If the website performs on mobile devices (phones and tablets)

Although you can’t control the popularity of your website, by ensuring that your main product or service is included within the page titles and body test (alongside regular content relating to that product or service) you can instantly improve your chances of being shown in the relevant search.

With even more people than ever searching via a mobile device, Google now favours websites that are mobile-friendly in a bid to improve the users experience. If your website isn’t mobile friendly then it hinders your chances to be shown on Google before you’ve even started!

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