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Pigeon Rescue!

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We recently found an injured domesticated pigeon in an alleyway near our offices in Beeston. Unfortunately, his wing was broken and had wounds across his body. He wasn’t in a good way and we wanted to help him out!

We cared for the pigeon, feeding him water and seeds but quickly knew he needed better care.
A member of our team did some research and came across the Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue.

Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue – Midlands, is a 24-hour wildlife rescue centre located in Nottinghamshire. They rescue, treat and rehabilitate over 30 animals.

As a non-profit charitable organisation, their sanctuary is home to over 300 animals. From Swans to Hedgehogs and even Foxes, they certainly have their hands full caring for these defenceless animals.

Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary kindly took our injured Pidgeon in and began to care for him.
They explained the pigeon had be caught by a hawk. As a result of the attack, he was missing wing, tail and back feathers where they had been plucked and had small claw mark wounds on his body.
His breathing was also noisy due to a damaged air sac. This was caused by the hawk flying into the bird at speed.

The sanctuary gave him some pain relief and antibiotics. Once he’s well again, he will join a sanctuary flock. Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary also vaccinated him and put a telephone ring on his leg so that the sanctuary would be contacted if he got lost.

We are delighted to hear our feathered friend is on the mend and there are organisations like Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary who care for our much-loved wildlife.

Find out more about this fantastic Wildlife sanctuary here:
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