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Web Design Tips To Increase Sales For Ecommerce

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With more and more people shopping online, it is essential that your Ecommerce website is designed well and brings in orders.

Your website design may be on point and you may have the best functioning website out there, but if the content isn’t there, how can you expect anyone to find it?

Here are some top tips for keeping your Ecommerce website up to date…

Update Products- This may seem an obvious one, but ensure that all your products are listed on your website and updated if there are any changes to the product. These product listings are the lifeblood of your Ecommerce website so make sure they are kept up to date.

Keep Check Of Stock- If a product is out of stock then make sure this is listed on the website. There is nothing more frustrating for a user to get to checkout to then find out it’s out of stock.

It’s All In The Detail- Ensure all the product descriptions are updated and there is enough information about the product to encourage the customer to place an order. This can include detailed product information, shipping and even any warranties, which can all aid in converting a visitor to your website into a customer.

Avoid Clutter- Although having a wealth of information is important on your product pages, you must make sure that the other pages don’t look cluttered. Keep layouts simply and east to use whenever possible.

High Quality Pictures- Images on your website must be high quality in order to sell your product. When users are buying via the internet, pictures aid in building trust and ultimately selling the product. A picture says a thousand words, so make sure they’re clear, detailed and high quality.

Easy Navigation- With a visitor’s attention spans now shorter than a Goldfish, you must ensure users can navigate easily around your website. This ease of navigation can keep users interested in the products on your website. Features such as; ‘you may also like’ and ‘others also ordered’ assist visitors in purchasing more by making it easy to navigate to similar products. 

Once your website is designed and live, it may be easy to quickly upload your product and then leave it there, however with some careful consideration and time dedicated to updating and amending the website, it can work hand in hand to drive sales.

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