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Google has recently announced that it will start displaying a “not secure” message on Google Chrome across all websites that don’t have an SSL certificate.

In a bid to make the web more secure HTTPS connections are now used as a Google SEO ranking signal, consequently, if your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, then it is highly likely to not drop in the search engines!

HTTPS encrypts information securely between the user and the website. The information is transferred via an SSL and because its encrypted, it can’t be intercepted. An SSL certificate allows information to be sent securely and encrypted, meaning information is kept private.

Does Your Website Have SSL?

When you land on a website you will see a green padlock next to the web address like below. This will also be accompanied by ‘HTTPS’ rather than ‘HTTP’.

If your website doesn’t have this, then your website doesn’t have an SSL.

As well as improving your Google rankings, installing an SSL certificate also builds trust with customers and they are more likely to complete purchases.

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