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.UK Domain Deadline Approaching

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Claim Your .UK Domain Before It’s Too Late!

The .UK domain extension is for forward-thinking businesses and individuals and is set to become the new standard for UK based websites, so make sure you grab yours now!

The .UK domain delivers the same trust, reliability and credibility as.CO.UK.

Claiming the .UK version of your domain and redirecting it to your website helps you stop losing customers if they mistype your domain extension by accident.

Why Purchase A .UK Domain?

.UK gets straight to the point

.UK is easier to remember and type than.CO.UK

.UK puts more focus on your website name, not the extension

.UK is easier to share

Your .UK Domain Has Been Reserved For You!

If you are an existing customer of getyouonline and already own a. CO.UK domain name (, then you may have the right to register the new .UK version before anyone else does, until 25th June 2019.

After this deadline, any reserved .UK domains that have not been registered will then be released to the general public by the UK domain name authority. This means they can be registered by anyone!

Claim Your .UK Domain Today!

To avoid disappointment, claim your .UK domain name using these easy steps.

  1. Call our Customer Services team on: 0115 9722 050
  2. Confirm ownership of your existing .CO.UK domain (
  3. Purchase your new .UK domain name (just £50.00 per year or £4 per month*)
  4. We will then redirect your new .UK domain to (

For More Information Or To Claim Your .UK Domain Name, Call Our Customer Services Team On: 01159 722 050

*please note, all prices subject to VAT

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