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SSL Certificate on Google Chrome - What’s the latest?

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Whilst using the Google Chrome browser and visiting a website, you may have recently received a connection error warning stating that the website you’re viewing is not protected by an SSL certificate, or that the site is “not secure”. This has created widespread panic from website owners!

An SSL Certificate (sometimes known as “Secure Sockets Layer”) secures your connection from a web service to a browser and reassures customers that sensitive information is protected as it uses an encrypted connection. You can usually tell that a site has an SSL certificate as you will see a green padlock in your URL, and the URL will start with https:// as opposed to http://.

An SSL is typically used to secure data transfers, credit card transactions and login details including those used on social media sites. An SSL essentially scrambles information within each transaction, so if any pesky hackers were to intercept this sending of information, it would be rendered useless to them as it is scrambled.

As it currently stands, users of your website may be put off clicking through to your website if they are greeted with a ‘not secure’ message rather than your homepage. To resolve this, we recommend you add an SSL certificate to your website. Don’t be fooled!

Many companies have caught onto this Google Chrome alert and will offer what seems to be (on the surface) a quick solution. Many companies will offer you an SSL certificate at a rock bottom price, except there is one catch- you have to install it on your website yourself!? All you’ll receive is an emailed manual with a set of instructions to follow, then expected to configure these settings yourself without being offered any support if there’s a problem. Sounds a bit risky if you ask us!

Here at getyouonline, we like to do things differently. We’ll offer you the following:

We thoroughly explain the process and set this up for you

Full-set up of the SSL certificate on your website by our expert web developers

Technical support just a phone call away, completely UK based

If you would like any more advice on setting up the SSL certificate then call us today: 01159 722 050 We can’t wait to hear from you!


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