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Keywords - A Common Mistake Made By Business Owners!

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So, you’ve just decided to commission a new website for your business and it’s now only a matter of time before the fresh leads start rolling in…

You’ve chosen a colour scheme, supplied some photographs and some text content and are now looking forward to launching your new website!

The website “goes live” and you’re excited about the new customers that are due any moment, walking though your door and paying you “hand over fist” for your products and services.

Unfortunately however, to your dismay, a couple of weeks pass by and you have yet to receive a single enquiry.

More time passes by and you’re left feeling seriously underwhelmed.

You ask yourself “what’s gone wrong?” and “why isn’t my fancy new website doing what it’s supposed to do?”

The Answer Is Simple…. Keywords

Before you even think about commissioning the design (let alone the build) of a website, it is vital that your chosen provider conducts some in-depth keyword research for your approval.

You’ve probably thought to yourself “I want my website to rank well in Google for this particular phrase, because that’s what I’d type in”, yet this alone is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Every month, millions of different keywords and key phrases are typed into the Google search engine, by people looking for particular products and services.

Google actually records these searches, allowing anybody with a Google AdWords account to review which phrases are used in relation to their products, services and even their geographical location.

What Does This Mean?

It means your website designer can establish which keywords and phrases your target market is using to find your products, highlighting the most profitable ones for you base your new website around!

How Does This Benefit My Business?

Imagine owning a website that is specifically designed to target the most popular keywords and phrases, commonly used by your ideal customers.

A minute a go you were ready to build a website around your own criteria, but now you can reverse-engineer your website around these laser-targeted keywords.

This approach to web design helps to ensure your website receives quality traffic and is easily found by hungry buyers and action takers, ready to approach your business.

For more information or to learn more about the importance of keywords, contact our Customer Services team today on: 0115 9722 050 or email

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