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How to optimise visibility of your website via search

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Google Search Console is a tool found within Google Analytics that helps you monitor and maintain your website’s presence in Google Search Results and also gives you to opportunity to check indexing status.

This free handy tool helps you better understand how Google views your site and allows you to optimise its performance in search results. You can find out useful things about who is visiting your site and how they are finding it.

Google Search Console helps you see the following:

- Which search terms or ‘queries’ caused your site to appear in the search results?

- What traffic did these search terms or ‘queries’ bring?

- Which websites are linking to your website?

- How is your site performing on mobile devices?

Seeing this information allows you to understand how your site is performing in search results and as a result enables you to make more informed business decisions.

How do you set up Google Search Console?

First, you’ll need to sign into Google Search Console with your Google Gmail Account. If you haven’t got one you can sign up here

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a ‘welcome to Search Console’ screen and below will see a box with a button next to it that says “Add property”.

You’ll need to add and verify your website before you can delve into Search Console. To do this, enter the URL of your website and then click ‘Add Property’.

Next, you need to verify your ownership of the website. To do this, a piece of tracking code will need to be added to your website before you can gain access to Google Search Console. Once the tracking code has been added you will then have full access to the console.

You will then be given a range of options to verify your ownership, we would recommend the ‘HTML tag’ as the most secure method.

Click on ‘alternative methods’ and then on ‘HTML tag’, copy and paste the meta tag and if you have access, add this meta tag to your home page. Paste the code provided within thesection of the HTML code and if this is done correctly, your ownership will be verified.

Alternatively, if you copy and paste this meta tag, email it across to us and we will be able to add this to your website for you (without being too biased, this is a much easier option you for than fiddling with code and the one we’d recommend!)

There you have it your Google Search Console will be set up and you’re ready to go!

If you would like any more information on ways in which you can improve your sites performance and traffic to your site, please get in touch 01159 722 050 or tweet us! @getuonline

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