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How To Choose A Web Design Company

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You’ve made the decision to get a new website, but you also are looking for a new web design agency to work with…sound familiar?

How do you choose the right company to develop a new website for your company?


A good place to start is doing some research, find companies with websites and branding you like the look of.

Think about what is important to your business. Is it just a website you’re looking for or do you need technical support or marketing too? Marketing and support is often overlooked when a website is being built, but once a website is live, have you thought about ways in which you can market it or what you do if you get a problem with your email?

Make sure the web design company you choose offers a range of services not just web design.

Visit Their Website

Go and check out the prospective web design agency website, this is usually a good indication of design, style and capabilities. Does the website look visually pleasing and up to date? It’s ok if the brand and style doesn’t reflect your own, the important thing is the standard of design and if the website is easy to use.

Check Out Some Of The Websites They’ve Built

Many web design companies have a portfolio section to their website. Have a look and see if there are any company websites that are similar to your business. You want to find a company that has worked with a variety of companies bringing a range of skills and expertise to the table.

Call And Talk To Them

The web design company you choose will potentially be working with you for a significant amount of time, so you want to make sure they are a good fit. Pay attention to how they handle the call, do they ask insightful about your business and your marketing goals? You want to work with a web design company that is engaged and interested in your business. The people you speak to reflects the overall personality of the company.

Time To Meet

Once you have established which web design company you want to use, ask them questions about how the design process works. What’s the team like? Do they offer any other services apart from web design? You want to make sure this is the right web design agency for you, capable of supporting your company as it grows and develops.

Find out more in our next blog post on the golden questions to ask a prospective web design company….

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