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Google’s Longer Snippets & Meta Descriptions

Google has officially announced they have recently introduced longer snippets and meta descriptions within the organic search results. what does this mean for your advertising your website?

Your website’s meta description is the text displayed in the organic search results, underneath the company name (as highlighted in the image below).


As the snippets and meta description length of display results will now be longer, this essentially gives you more opportunity to sell your business via the organic search. This provides more opportunity for you to highlight your unique selling points (USP’s) to customers to entice them to click on your website, rather than your competitors.

Those companies that are placed at the top of the Google search will be awarded even more ‘real estate’ on the search engine. This is great if you are listed at the top of Google, not so great if your listing is at the bottom of the page.

If your website appears at the bottom of a search, then it may lead to a lower CTR (Click Through Rate).

What Can I Do To Improve My Website’s Visibility On Google Search?

  • Improve your snippets and meta description by and take advantage of the extra characters, not only to take up more space on the search but also highlight your USP! This could make a huge difference between a customer clicking on your website rather than your competitors.
  • Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). PPC adverts dominate any search and are typically located at the top of any search, above any organic listing.

PPC adverts use extensions to ensure they are more noticeable than organic listings. These adverts take up much more ‘real estate’ You have far more control over what your adverts look like in the search as opposed to your organic website listings.

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