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If you have an Ecommerce website, then it’s a given that you should be advertising your products via Google Shopping.

Google shopping adverts sit right at the top of a search, above any organic search results. If someone is searching for a particular product and yours is the first to show up, the chances are they’ll more than likely click on it!

Unlike a pay-per-click advert, these types of adverts are far more visual and eye catching to entice buyers to click. These visual elements draw the searcher in and grab their attention.

So why should you choose Google Shopping to advertise your products?

Good Visibility On Mobile Devices
Google Shopping adverts appear at the top of mobile search in a carousel, meaning your products get top page visibility.

Reduced Cost Per Click (CPC)
Google Shopping campaigns typically result in a lower average CPC, saving you money and giving you more traffic for your budget.

Better Click Through Rate (CTR)
One of the main reasons people search for specific products is that they are further down the line in the buying process. They’ve already done the research and they know exactly what they are searching for. Studies show that Google Shopping ads generate 26% higher conversion rates.

Better Return On Investment
The combination of a lower CPC and improved CTR means that your return on investment will be much more substancial.

Better Qualified Leads
By providing relevant product information, Google Shopping adverts help you increase the quality of your leads. Information rich adverts assist that the visitors that land on your website have a high intent to purchase.

Great If You Have A Large Inventory
If you have lots of products, then building a well-structured Google Shopping campaign can mean that your products are displayed, and with good quality imagery, really stand out from the crowd.

Automatically Updated Advertising
Once your product feed is set up, your Google Shopping campaign will update the inventory every night, ensuring you’re not bidding on ads for products that you no longer sell or that are out of stock. In the same token, if you add a new product to your website, once this is added to your Google Shopping product feed, it will automatically be added to your Google Shopping campaign the next day.

More Advanced Reporting
Google Shopping gives you the ability to view your performance by product and product attribute. You can also filter results and segment data, meaning that you can get far more measurable, trackable data to see which of your products is a best seller.

Google shopping is a very effective marketing tool for retailers with inventory-driven websites.

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