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Google AdWords becomes Google Ads….

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From the 1st July, Google AdWords as we know it, will undergo its biggest rebrand since its introduction.

Launched in 2000, Google AdWords was Google’s first paid advertising platform, giving businesses the opportunity to advertise their products and services to online customers. The software allows advertisers to display adverts at the top of Google and across Google Search Partners.

Renamed Google Ads; change will be seen on the interface right through to the advertising products.

As part of this rebrand, Google Ads will use machine learning to optimise ads in a bid to drive more actions from the ads displayed.

Srindhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice president of Google, recently described Google Ads as “the front door for advertisers.

In more recent years, consumers’ behaviour has changed rapidly and now even more searches are being carried out across a variety of devices. Google have responded to this by continuously developing the Google AdWords platform to ensure they deliver valuable experiences across all devices.

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