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Facebook - The latest Algorithm Update

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Facebook has recently updated its news algorithm to show fewer external links to slow-loading websites in a bid to improve user engagement and keep users interested.

Over the upcoming months, Facebook will favour links to websites that load quickly, reducing the visibility of links to slower-loading websites.

In a recent article; Facebook commented; “With this update, we'll soon take into account the estimated load time of a webpage that someone clicks to from any link in News Feed on the mobile app. Factors such as the person's current network connection and the general speed of the corresponding webpage will be considered. If signals indicate the websites will load quickly, the link to that webpage might appear higher in your feed.”

Under this algorithm change, if your website does take a long time to load, it is possible that you will begin to see less referral traffic from Facebook.

How To Check Your Website Loading Speed

We recommend using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool (link below) to see if your website loads quickly.

If your website is slowly loading, then get in touch with us today to discuss your options. Call us on 01159 722 050 or email

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