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Facebook Business Page Set up? What’s Next?

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Social media is an ever-changing market place and to thrive, you need to continually invest your time. A Facebook Business page needs to constantly be maintained and updated regularly if you really want to drive awareness.

Creating relevant content, posting pictures and engaging with your audience regularly all combine to build brand awareness, get your name out there and ultimately, drive sales.

Here are our top recommendations to get you started with your Facebook Business Page.

  • Invite as many people to like your page as you know, encourage your friends to share and like the page to spread the word. The more people that see it, the more impressions it will make.
  • Create a show-stopping product/service description- get creative! Ask yourself the following:
Why should your customer go with you rather than your competitors?
What is your unique selling point?
What do you do better or differently to your competitors?
This is your chance to shine, make it count!

  •  Utilise the cover photo banner. Although it is against Facebook policy to advertise prices, you can still include an eye-catching banner that conveys your company’s personality or your product/service.
  • Enable notifications so when you receive a message or comment, you can reply and get back to the customer instantly. You can also set up an automated message which could include your phone number so the customer can get in touch right away.
  • If possible, have more than one person to manage your Facebook Business page. That way, as the popularity increases, you can still maintain a quick response and spread the workload.
  • Seriously consider if you want to be able to give customers the option of reviewing your company. Although this can bring good press, it can also sometimes bring bad press, so may be worth using with caution. If you don’t want reviews, you can turn this setting off in the settings page.

With five new profiles created every second on Facebook, your potential audience is increasing for your business by the second!

If you would like any more advice on how to build your brand on a range of social media platforms call us 01159 722 050. If you’re feeling inspired, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Tweet us @getuonline


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