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Email Services- 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

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Have you ever been in the situation where your emails go down? What if we said that we can guarantee this won’t happen again?

As Office 365 runs on cloud-based software, your emails are kept separate to your website. So, as two separate entities you will never have the problem of them affecting each other. Not only that Office 365 offers 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Let getyouonline take the stress and hassle out of setting up Office 365. We will guide you through the process with ease and what’s more we are on the end of the phone to help you with any queries- no outsourced call centres, just our friendly team based in Nottingham!

If you would like any more advice on how to set up office 365, we’d love to hear from you, call us 01159 722 050

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