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An apple a day….

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We had an unexpected special delivery at the start of the week to kick start our Monday and help the team feel energised.

As a surprise, Paul arranged for Kerry’s Fresh to deliver an enormous box of colourful and a-peeling fruit! With everyone in agreement that far too much chocolate has been consumed over Easter Paul had a few twix up his sleeves! What a grape way to kick the habit with a big box of fruit!

Our team of Web Developers, Account Managers and Web Technicians were pleased to receive some fruity energy for when they were feeling they had ran out of juice!

A big thanks to Kerry’s Fresh for delivering such a healthy variety of fruit to our door, this will certainly keep our team equipped to design and build even more websites!

Anyone else on a health kick? Lettuce know what your favourite fruit is- get in touch and tweet us @getuonline


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