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Adding Images to your website - V2 CMS

Step 1. Go to your website and add /administrator after your domain name. Example

Step 2. Enter your email address and password, provided by and then click the log in button.

Log In Screen

Step 3. Click the Photo Gallery tab on at the top, then select the dropdiown tab Photo Gallery.

Select Image

Step 4. Click the Photo Gallery folder on the right hand side where you wish to upload the image.

Select Photo

Step 5. Click the browse button and upload the image from your computer. Then click the Add New Photo to add more or click the Add New Photo & Close to complete.

Upload Photo

Step 6. If the correct file type and size is successful you will see the message File Uploaded Successfully, this will now show on your website. If you wish to delete the image, click the red box with a white cross inside it.

Upload Sucessful

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